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What is a Root Canal in Valley Stream?

A root canal is a non-surgical treatment whose purpose is to remove infected or otherwise injured tissue so that the tooth can be remedied and restored to an optimal state of health. Here at East Coast Endodontics, we’re specialists in doing root canals, so you can relax and be confident in both the procedure itself as well as the results of it. The success rate is 90% or better.

As performed by our Valley Stream endodontics, root canal is a smooth process. You’ll be sufficiently numbed with local anesthesia in advance, and our office proudly features the use of state-of-the-art equipment and modern techniques. Because of that, most of our patients tell us that they felt no discomfort at all or very little during root canal. Because it’s not surgical, you won’t need stitches or bandages. To gain access to the infected tissue, the tooth is drilled from the top, but this stops well clear of the nerve, so again there is no need to worry. The nerve and pulp are extracted, and our endodontist then cleans and seals the canals. Finally, the canals are sealed, which completes the process. If more than one session is required, a temporary crown is placed on the tooth in the meantime, keeping it protected. And after a short period for healing, you’ll go back to your restorative dentist to have impressions taken so that you can get a permanent, well-fitted crown cemented to the tooth. You can expect your tooth to be strong and durable after root canal; every bit as much as any other tooth.

Don’t risk losing your tooth, and certainly don’t suffer needlessly with pain. Take advantage of our Valley Stream endodontics instead. Contact our office so that we can schedule a prompt appointment for you to come in for examination, evaluation, and treatment.

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