Toothache treatment Merrick

Toothache Treatment Merrick

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Cracked teeth in Merrick

Toothache treatment Merrick
Toothache treatment Merrick

When one of your teeth becomes cracked, turn to us at East Coast Endodontics. We’ll assess the situation and then provide the appropriate treatment. Remember, the clock is ticking because a cracked tooth exposes the inside of your tooth to bacterial infection, which would then necessitate root canal therapy. The sooner you seek out our toothache treatment Merrick, the most likely it will be that you can have the problem remedied without root canal being the solution.

Even if for some reason you do not have any pain initially, a cracked tooth should not be ignored. We’ll have you seen promptly, but in the meantime, we recommend that you rinse with warm salt water frequently. If there is pain present, use over-the-counter pain relievers to manage it. Avoid chewing, and keep to soft foods. If the tooth has a sharp edge, use wax paraffin to cover it. Don’t have any? Sugarless chewing gum will do the trick then. You don’t want that sharp edge to potentially cut your tongue or cheek. Our toothache treatment Merrick will follow an examination and probably the taking of x-rays. If your tooth’s pulp has not sustained infection or damage, you will only need a crown to restore and protect the tooth. Root canal therapy is performed in the even that the pulp has been negatively affected. That is our specialty, so you are in the best possible hands. Advancements in techniques and equipment have transformed the procedure into one that produces very little or no discomfort at all during its process.

The good news is that more often than not, a cracked tooth has a good chance of being saved. It is essential that you don’t try to “tough it out” or wait because you’re nervous about coming in. Our toothache treatment Merrick is effective and gentle. Call us to set up an appointment.

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