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Root canals in Rockland County

Rockland County endodontist
Rockland County endodontist

Knowing the facts about root canals will ensure that you are fully informed and prepared if and when you need one. Here at East Coast Endodontics, Rockland County endodontist¬†you aren’t just dealing with a general dentist, but one who specializes in exactly this type of procedure, meaning you can feel assured that it will be done with the utmost of precision, and affording you the maximum amount of comfort, as well.

The cause of needing root canal is usually the effects of an infection in the pulp of your tooth, which comes about due to the access afforded by a large cavity, deep filling, or a chipped or cracked tooth. In some instances, a traumatic injury or accident can also cause you to need root canal. The most obvious symptom is pain when you apply pressure to the tooth, or attempt to chew with it. Often, that pain can be severe. You may also experience tooth sensitivity when you consume hot or cold foods and drinks. In addition, gum tenderness or tooth discoloration may be noted. Root canal is nearly always called for, unless the tooth is beyond being saved, in which case it will have to be removed. But for root canal, our Rockland County endodontist begins by providing you with enough local anesthesia so that you will feel little or even no discomfort at all while the root canal is being done. The point of the procedure is to remove the nerve and the injured pulp, clear out any debris, clean the canals, and then disinfect and seal them. The success rate for root canal is over 90%. Our Rockland County endodontist may require one or more sessions to complete it, depending on the number of canals in the tooth, among other factors.

You can get relief from your pain and get to keep your natural tooth with the help of our Rockland County endodontist and root canal treatment. Call us when you notice any of the signs or indications mentioned.

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