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A toothache can be an annoying dull ache or can cause acute pain in either case it needs the services of Rockland County endodontics. Tooth pain is not only an annoying experience for the sufferer but also a way of letting the person know that something is wrong inside that tooth. When a person has a toothache or one that is sensitive to hot or cold it is an indication that decay and infection has reached well into the inner part of the tooth. Our doctors at East Coast Endodontics will diagnose the cause of the pain and then institute treatments to alleviate it.

The remedy for a Pflugerville is often a Rockland County endodontics treatment, a root canal. Pulp is the soft inner core of the tooth, which is enclosed by a hard layer of dentin that is protected above the gum line by the tooth’s enamel and below the gum line by the cementum. When there is a significant amount of decay in a tooth or a large chip or crack the pulp is susceptible to becoming infected by bacteria from debris and plaque. During an endodontic treatment our doctor will drill away any surface decay on the tooth and then expose the tooth’s roots, which contain the pulp. Using miniature tools the doctor will clean out all the pulp and seal the canals with a rubber-like material to prevent re-infection and then place a temporary filling in the tooth. A mature tooth can survive without its pulp by getting nourishment from the surrounding tissue. The patient’s restorative dentist will subsequently place a porcelain crown over the tooth to further protect it from re-infection as well as to restore its appearance and functionality.

The term “root canal” conjures up images of pain for many people but the truth is that the procedure simply has a bad reputation. Thanks to advances in technique and sedation Rockland County endodontics procedures are basically painless, most patients only feel slight pressure on their tooth. If you have tooth pain or sensitivity call our office at once to see one of our doctors.

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