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Oceanside Dental Surgery

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Apicoectomies in Oceanside

Oceanside dental surgery
Oceanside dental surgery

Seeking Oceanside dental surgery? Call and book an appointment with East Coast Endodontics. Our practice prides itself on its specialization in endodontics or root canal therapy, an emphasis which allows us to save your teeth when they are in dire need of treatment.

East Coast Endodontics has been using her vast experience and unparalleled expertise to help treat patients living in Oceanside and the surrounding areas for many years. The in-depth training of our leading specialists and the compassionate professionalism of our friendly staff of seasoned employees team up to incorporate the latest advancements in dental technology with state-of-the-art equipment, allowing for your root canal procedure to progress as painlessly and comfortably as possible. In turn, this enables our patients to enjoy faster and less uncomfortable recoveries. We’re proud to offer our patients the opportunity to have their oral pain professionally evaluated and diagnosed, root canal therapy, microscopic endodontics, microscopic retreatment of failing root canals, surgical endodontics, nitrous oxide sedation for patients who suffer from anxiety in dental treatment settings, and a 24-hour answering service that will ensure you are able to contact one of our representatives whenever you need Oceanside dental surgery. But what are endodontics exactly? Anything endodontic is, in a sense, “tooth-saving.” In other words, we perform surgeries that allow for your teeth to be reconstructed or ridded of symptoms instead of simply removed and replaced with prosthetics.

So don’t miss out on the high-quality dental treatment you deserve. If you are suffering from a condition that necessitates Oceanside dental surgery, be sure to give us a call at East Coast Endodontics. We can provide you with the discussion, diagnosis, treatment and relief you need to move past your dental emergency and move on with your life. Trust us- we’ll go the extra mile for your smile!

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