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Merrick Root Canal

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Merrick root canal
Merrick root canal

As specialists in the performing of Merrick root canal, you can depend on us at East Coast Endodontics for a comfortable and successful procedure when your tooth is in pain from an infection. Root canals are the last resort to save your tooth, and keeping a natural tooth is always the best option. Replacement of teeth is expensive and time-consuming.

Some of the causes of needing Merrick root canal can be traced back to the structure of your tooth, and how it is affected by dental plaque and tartar. Those two bacterial substances are two sides of the same coin. Plaque turns into hardened tartar over time. They both erode your precious tooth enamel, forming cavities. A large one, even if has been filled, leaves a potential path for bacteria to get inside your tooth. A chipped or cracked tooth likewise creates an opening in your tooth’s natural defense. The most common symptom is pain, and often it is severe, especially when you apply pressure to the tooth or chew food with it. Additional possible signs include sensitivity to hot or cold foods and drinks, tooth discoloration, and gum tenderness. There are only two treatment options. One is to extract the tooth in question. That is the least attractive option. The other is our Merrick root canal. If you’re cringing just reading the phrase, we can assure you that the bad reputation of this vital procedure is not accurate anymore. Thanks to advancements in the field of endodontics, and the fact that we do these every day, you can expect very little or even no pain at all as part of the process.

Call our office right away when you are experiencing the above listed indications of needing root canal done. The more quickly you act, the more likely your tooth can be rescued.

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