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Merrick Apicoectomy

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Apicoectomy in Merrick

Merrick Apicoectomy
Merrick Apicoectomy

Root canal infections can be a challenge to treat. Because these infections are located at the very center of the tooth, they can be both painful and difficult to take care of. This is why it is highly recommended for people who need this kind of work done to see a specialist known as an endodontist. Usually, root canal therapy is the first form of treatment used to address this kind of infection, but if in the event root canal therapy is unsuccessful, an apicoectomy is performed next. Here at East Coast Endodontics, we can help individuals who may need a Merrick apicoectomy to resolve the issue and improve dental health.

Root canal infections are known for being painful. Since the infection inflames of the nerve ending in the affected tooth, the pain can associated with it can be quite persistent and often more painful than that of a more common cavity. Other than the prospect of alleviating your oral pain, getting root canal infections treated sooner can help prevent the spread of infection. If the infection is left untreated for too long, the entire tooth may need to be removed and the infection could potentially spread to adjacent teeth or deeper into your mouth. Root canal therapy is a procedure that aims to get rid of the infected tissue at the center of the tooth, but since the center of the tooth is difficult to get to, the procedure may not successfully see to the removal of all affected tissue. Additionally, an infection may return if oral hygiene is not maintained after the initial procedure. When root canal therapy fails, an apicoectomy is performed. A Merrick apicoectomy here at East Coast Endodontics is a root end surgery, or also known as a root end resection, that involves the removal of the tooth’s tip so that the root end cavity can be prepared and filled with a biocompatible material.

If you need a Merrick apicoectomy or any other kind of root canal care, call us here at East Coast Endodontics.

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