Lynbrook endodontist

Lynbrook Endodontist

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If you are looking for an excellent endodontist, we know that you will be extremely happy with the treatment and care that you receive at our East Coast Endodontics practice. When you come to our office, you will be seen by our Lynbrook endodontist, just one of whom is Dr. Michael Feldman.

At our endodontic practice, our top-notch endodontists work every day to save teeth. As endodontists, all treatments that we provide are related to improving the health of teeth, and helping them become healthy enough so that they can remain in our patients’ mouth. At our office, we use state-of-the-art equipment and procedures so that our patients will receive the very best of care, and can expect the most desirable results from their treatment. We use modern dental anesthesia so that our patients always remain comfortable during their endodontic treatment. The primary concern of our Lynbrook endodontist is always the safety and comfort of our patients. At our office, our endodontists perform all endodontic services including: root canal surgery, apicoectomies; microscopic endodontics, evaluation and diagnosis of oral pain; treatment of dental pain; dental emergencies; and root canal retreatments. A root canal procedure is an extremely common procedure at our office. A root canal treatment is needed when a tooth has damaged or infected pulp in its center. If this treatment is needed but is not received, the tooth will eventually fall out, or need to be extracted. The good news is that root canal treatment at our offices successful in saving over 90% of teeth that need this treatment. Teeth can become infected from dental decay that has never been treated. If a tooth suffers tooth trauma, the pulp at the center of the tooth can also become damaged, and infection can also develop from this situation.

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