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Hewlett Endodontist

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Root Canals in Hewlett

Hewlett Endodontist
Hewlett Endodontist

Sometimes… you need a special touch to help rectify any dental issues. And by special, we mean a specialist who can provide the specific service you need. At East Coast Endodontics, you’ll find precisely that. So don’t waste any time. If you’re in desperate need of a root canal, go ahead and visit our Hewlett endodontist.

Endodontists—for those of you not familiar—are dental professionals who specialize in all things pulp. No, we’re not talking about the orange juice kind. By pulp, we mean the very root of your tooth which can become extremely sensitive when exposed (through trauma-induced cracks, etc.) If you’re overcome by a crippling, stinging sensation every time you sip into a hot or cold beverage, that’s a cause for concern. If that sensitivity is also coupled with pain whenever biting into anything with more than a little bit of force, it might just be time to see a Hewlett endodontist. Of course, waiting until the day your East Coast Endodontics appointment comes can feel like an eternity—especially when afflicted by intense pain. Until then, become best friends with an ice pack. Grab it, then firmly press it against the jaw. Doing so helps minimize symptoms—the key word being symptoms, not the root cause. For that you’ll want see one of our highly-trained professionals.

They’ll take their time, evaluating (through a series of x-rays) the source of the pain. Oh, you might be wondering how to see a Hewlett endodontist. That part’s incredibly easy. Reach out to East Coast Endodontics via phone or e-mail—whichever your preference—and schedule an appointment. That’s all there is to it. And, as previously mentioned, keep symptoms in check by using an ice pack to minimize the pain. Once you see our professional, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. So go ahead and reach out to us now.

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