Endodontist in Valley Stream

Endodontist in Valley Stream

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Why not go to your general dentist for a root canal, to address a cracked tooth, or to treat dental trauma? It is no knock on your dentist to confidently state that here at East Coast Endodontics we are experts specializing in delicate treatments using modern techniques and state-of-the-art equipment. And that is why we are able to achieve outstanding outcomes, and you can be confident in a much higher chance for success even in particularly challenging cases.

Root canal therapy, when performed by our endodontist in Valley Stream, is a breeze. You will be numbed with local anesthesia in advance to make certain that the tooth and the area around it are numb. And because of this, the vast majority of our patients tell us afterward that there was either no discomfort at all, or very little. The chances of root canal saving your tooth are in excess of 90%, and that’s a good thing to know since a lost tooth will subject you to a lot of issues that take time, effort, and money to correct. In case you’re wondering about the minority of cases where a root canal fails, due to various possible factors that cannot be controlled, our endodontist in Valley Stream won’t give up on your tooth. Both endodontic re-treatment and endodontic surgery (also called an apicoectomy or a root end resection) are done here, with the goal being to remedy whatever is ailing your tooth. A cracked tooth, or one that has been forced loose from its socket, or even knocked out of your mouth, can be treated so as to keep the tooth viable. It’s essential, though, that you don’t hesitate to get the attention you need.

So to answer the question of why see our endodontist in Valley Stream, the answer is clear, and it’s the safe, effective, and gentle treatment of teeth with advanced problems. Please call us right away to schedule a timely visit.

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