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Cracked teeth in Valley Stream

Valley Stream endodontist
Valley Stream endodontist

When your tooth becomes cracked or fractured, it is vulnerable. The nerve is often exposed, and because your tooth’s normal protective layers have been breached, there is absolutely nothing to prevent a bacterial infection from taking hold. The clock is ticking when a tooth is cracked, but unfortunately, you may not necessarily be aware of it. However, there will always be signs. And we at Valley StreamĀ Endodontics want you to be aware of them, so that you will come in right away when you notice them.

Cracks can form in different parts of the tooth, and there are degrees of severity to them. You don’t have to worry about that; at least not initially. Our Valley Stream endodontist will do a thorough examination and take x-rays in order to determine the precise nature of your cracked tooth. If the tooth has sustained only damage to the structure, the ideal solution may be just to have a crown fitted. A temporary one can be put on while a permanent one is being fashioned at the dental lab. With the addition of a crown, your damaged tooth will be protected and also strengthened. Unfortunately, many times there is harm to the pulp, and particularly infections that result. Fortunately, that does not mean you will necessarily lose the tooth. Our Valley Stream endodontist should be able to perform root canal therapy, removing the injured pulp and nerve prior to the fitting of a crown. Our goal is to allow you to keep your tooth. Losing it means empty space that is a cosmetic disadvantage, and can allow your other teeth to shift. A cracked tooth repaired with root canal and a crown will usually be as viable and durable as any other tooth.

When your tooth becomes damaged, consult with our Valley Stream endodontist promptly. Call us to arrange an appointment.

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